Inclusion is a core element of our culture and necessary to support our diverse, global workforce and business success.

Our approach

Our Inclusion & Diversity commitment builds upon our Code of Conduct, which clearly states that we respect and value all employees, irrespective of age, gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation.  All employees are expected to abide by our Code at all times, which means sharing our commitment to maintaining an inclusive, respectful and safe workplace environment.

Our Inclusion & Diversity program is built on four pillars:

Governance | Attracting, retaining and developing talent | Business Resource Groups and initiatives | Community involvement

Key achievements:

  • 36% diversity represented on our Board of Directors in 2021
  • 24% of mid-level managers and above are female in 2021
  • Four Business Resource Groups – Nouryon Women’s Network, Pride, Veterans, and Boost (for junior employees)
  • Established Global Mentoring Program
  • Established Global I&D Network, with 50 representatives from 35 Nouryon locations, to localize and activate I&D initiatives

Attracting, retaining and developing talent

We believe a workforce that includes diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives is critical to our success and to anticipate and meet the needs of our global customers.

We have established an assessment process for our production sites, businesses and functions to identify where we can improve diversity on our teams and leadership. In addition, to attract employees who reflect the communities and markets in which we operate, we have identified universities and organizations as diversity partners. We will work with these partners to identify, recruit and retain diverse employees.  

We develop our existing employees by providing mandatory training on respectful workplace conduct and how to identify and address issues that undermine our commitment to a safe and inclusive workplace. We also work with our leaders to ensure that their teams represent the diverse nature of our company and the markets that we serve. 

Our values - ‘We aim high’, ‘We own it’, and ‘We do it right’ – form the backbone of our performance-driven culture and empower our people to successfully deliver on our company purpose and strategy.

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Business Resource Groups and initiatives

Our Business Resource Groups (BRGs) and initiatives are employee-originated and led. BRGs are open to all employees, whether they identify with the specific group or consider themselves allies. Our largest BRG, the Nouryon Women Network, has more than 400 active members.

Employee initiatives are organized around certain dates or events (e.g., International Women’s day, Pride, etc.). Our current BRGs include:

  • Nouryon Women
  • Nouryon’s Veterans Network
  • Boost (young professionals)

We develop our diverse workforce through trainings, events offered by our BRGs and mentorship programs facilitated by Nouryon Women and Nouryon Veterans groups. Currently, over 200 employees participate as either mentors or mentees. 


Governance and strategy

Inclusion & Diversity at Nouryon is both a bottom-up and top-down program. We are all responsible for maintaining our inclusive work environment and many of our initiatives and ideas originate with our employees. At the executive level, Inclusion & Diversity is led by Samantha Dreilinger, our Chief Compliance Officer and Vice President of Inclusion & Diversity, who works with our senior executives on our I&D initiatives. The implementation of the strategy is managed by our global Inclusion & Diversity Network, consisting of representatives from across our businesses and functions. To hold ourselves accountable, we measure and track our progress. We disclose our workforce data in our annual Sustainability Report and ESG datasheet.

We will continue to assess the diversity of our workforce and, in the future, gather and analyze additional data, such as the racial diversity of our non-US offices (where allowed by law) and the percentage of racially diverse employees in our mid-level management and leadership. We are also committed to reviewing all aspects of our employee lifecycle to ensure that our hiring, engagement, rewards, and promotion processes build and support the needs of our diverse workforce; considering diversity when recruiting at all levels of the organization; actively monitoring our progress; and continually challenging ourselves to make improvements.


CSR - A fundamental element of our ‘Commitment and contribution to a Sustainable Future

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